Protecno Italia - SuperBlindo Protecno Italia - SuperBlindo
Superblindo system has the characteristics of reliability and practicality typical of our production; it is also very strong, synonymous with long life. It is made with S355structural steel so it is time resistant and indestructible. Its full steel structure with a high thickness ensures that time and rust could not damage it. Moreover it cannot be ruined by loader teeth and by the most intense use in problematic and difficult building sites. It is designed to meet the needs for safety in the most challenging trenches and in those situations in which a self-sinking system is required.
The strongest point of Superblindo is given by the possibility to place the transverse support beam at the desired height, so that workers can have trench bottom clearance that best meets their needs. Superblindo system is in line with UNI standards, it is modular and it can be integrated with a top element to guarantee the security of trenches at a depth up to 5 m and a width varying from 90 cm to more than 4 m. A great freedom of action inside the trench is guaranteed by the only transverse support beam and not by usual light weight struts that limit the manoeuvrability during the realization of the excavation and the pipes laying.
Trench bottom clearance can reach the incredible height of 2,3 m by adding special corbels.