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Protecno Italia srl is a leading company in the field of trench safety.

Born in 1999 to satisfy some specific necessities of this field, the company gained experience thanks to the direct management of building sites. Our trench shoring equipment is therefore the result of our experience.

Our products were born to satisfy any request of safety. They are particularly practical in their use because we know that inside trenches, in addition to safety, also freedom of action is important in order to promote the production and limitation of expenses.

Armascavi® equipment is unique of its kind for lightness, practicality and high load capacity; it includes all the components for those who work outside the trench.

Blindoscavi and Superblindo can make trenches safe also in a self-sinking way where soil is loose, not firm and muddy. Contrary to other systems, the only transverse support beam system enables you to have high trench bottom clearance. It is height adjustable so that it improves efficiency and flexibility inside trenches.
Moreover Superblindo is highly resistant to dents, mechanical stress and corrosion.

The exclusive Italian importer of TWF SHORING & FOUNDATION EQUIPMENT